1. Is there a fee to apply?

    Yes, $30.00 per family.

  2. Are CBG members given preference?

    Simply being a member at Church by the Glades does not guarantee any preference in financial aid decisions.

  3. How is financial assistance award determined?

    A financial assistance committee determines the applicant’s need by evaluating total household income, household expenses, assets, liabilities, financial hardship and makes a decision according to the amount of assistance available.

  4. Do you offer merit scholarships?

    No. Unfortunately, academic, athletic, or fine arts scholarships are not offered.

  5. Do you offer financial assistance for preschool?

    Not through GCFA; financial assistance is offered to K-8th students only. However, preschool parents may benefit from Florida VPK or Family Central. Click here for more info.

  6. What is the maximum amount that a family can receive in financial assistance?

    In an effort to help as many families as possible, financial assistance ranges between 5% and 50%. We are not able to offer 100% or full financial assistance.

  7. What is the deadline to apply for financial assistance?

    The deadline to submit the completed financial assistance and all required documents is due no later than March 31, 2015.

  8. Who awards the financial assistance?

    A financial assistance committee reviews and evaluates the applications and provides an award amount for each application.

  9. How long will it be before I hear back from the Committee?

    It takes approximately two to three weeks after submitting the completed application and required documents.

  10. What does financial assistance cover?

    Financial assistance covers tuition only. It does not cover grade-level fees, registration fees, or any miscellaneous fees.

  11. Can I submit my financial assistance application before I apply for admission?

    No. You must go through the admission process before applying for financial assistance. The Committee will not consider a student who is not yet admitted to the school. If enrollment to our school is contingent upon your receiving financial assistance, please speak with the office prior to paying the enrollment fees.

  12. We haven’t done our taxes yet. Can we still submit the application?

    No. The application must be submitted with all required documents attached. Otherwise, the application would be incomplete and ineligible for a review by the committee.

  13. How long is the financial assistance award good for?

    The financial assistance award is good for one school year only and will remain in effect until May 1st of each year. A new application will need to be submitted and re-evaluated each year.

  14. If my child receives the McKay Scholarship, can I also apply for financial assistance?

    Yes. In some cases the students may receive the McKay Scholarship in addition to GCA financial assistance.

  15. If my child receives the Step Up for Students Scholarship, can I also apply for financial assistance?

    Yes and No. Currently, students who receive the SUFS scholarship will not be required to pay any additional tuition, so no additional financial aid will be rewarded. However, if you have not already received the SUFS scholarship award, applying for GCFA can be a backup. Remember, GCFA scholarships will not be as much as SUFS, so apply for SUFS first.

  16. Will we have to pay the money back?

    No. You will not have to pay the money back.