Scholarship Programs

Step Up For Students Scholarships (SUFS):

Each family is strongly encouraged to verify if they qualify for the following scholarship since it covers the greatest amount of GCA costs.

Step Up For Students Income Based Scholarship provides scholarships for qualifying families with students who are entering kindergarten through twelfth grade. In general,
the scholarship covers a portion of private school tuition and books.

GCA accepts all award amounts from SUFS. If a family qualifies for 100% of the award, they will not be required to pay a monthly tuition with GCA. Up-front fees will still be

Families that receive a partial award benefit as well. The monthly payment required will be the difference between the award received and the dollar amount of the full award. Up-front fees will still be required.

For more information on Florida Statute eligibility guidelines and how to apply for the
scholarship, please visit or call 877.735.7837.

Financial Assistance Program

The purpose of Glades Christian Financial Assistance (GCFA) is to help families who have a genuine financial need and are unable to afford the full cost of tuition and who also do not qualify for Step Up for Students. Financial assistance is offered in the form of annual tuition discounts, which are determined after an evaluation of the applicant’s financial need and the financial assistance available.

You are eligible to apply for financial assistance if:

1. Your child is entering K-8th grade. Preschool students are not eligible to apply.

2. Your child has been accepted to GCA.

3. Once contacted by GCA Admissions, request a link to apply for GCFA through GCA’s tuition
system, FACTS. There is a $30 application fee.

4. FACTS will provide their recommendation within two weeks after receiving required
documentation from the family.

5. GCA will contact you with an acceptance/denial letter via email. Parent must reply with their
acceptance to receive the approved discount.

For more information about financial assistance, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Sample Road Campus Preschool accepts Financial Assistance from Family Central. There are several options available for families
with financial challenges.

For more information about the various program options available visit or call the Resource and Referral Phone Service at: 954.724.3928